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Kay's Casts 


We are passionate about capturing those special moments in life, that before we know it, have moved on and gone forever.

The creases and wrinkles on tiny hands and feet of a newborn baby. Newly wedded couples' hands displaying their wedding rings,  families' hands entwined as a beautiful keepsake or to

showcase something personal to you.

The options are endless.


I love being a Mum but wanted to do something that I enjoyed for myself. I wanted to start a business which could ‘fit in’ with our family.


We had our first son in 1990. In 1992 our son Jimmy, who was born at 29 weeks, spent his short life of 14 days in the Neonatal Special Care Unit. Kay'sCasts supports 

'First Touch' Charity in memory of Jimmy. 


In 1995 we had our twin girls who are now part of the business.  In 2007 we had our second set of twins, boy and girl this time. I invested in a home casting kit, I loved it so much and

the rest is history.


At first it was hard to have enough freedom to create and use my artistic talents. Initially I cast my friends and family and the business evolved  from their recommendations.

 80% of my business is word of mouth.


I enjoy working with my clients to bring them a little something extra for them to keep,

offering many bespoke ideas.


I create unique sculptures that ‘Capture those Special Moments’ for you to preserve and treasure forever.

Kay xx